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Due diligence services for IT business systems

We conduct confidential reviews or problem root cause analysis of your IT business systems. We help you evaluate business system risk, cost, and understand any potential Technology Debt, providing you a truly independent assessment.

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Business and digital systems represent a substantial investment. As matured businesses enter the digital space, it is almost necessary to rethink current business operations, processes, and data models so as to fully leverage the opportunity digital offers.

During the transition to digital, where you typically bring your customers and business partners closer to your business operations, it is important to protect the transformation investment by understanding the durability of back office business systems, the quality of your data, and scale of technology debt you may be carrying.

We identify Technology Debt

Technology Debt is a measure of the work or expenditure owed to the maintenance of a business system and data in order to keep it relevant, secure, and reliable. It is usually not visible until something breaks or you have to make complex or large changes.

There's a wide range of reasons business systems end up in debt - poor initial specification and design, faults from inadequate testing, changes in business conditions or processes, lack of computer or software maintenance, changes in administrative personnel, and poor or missing documentation are just some examples.

Probably the biggest impacts of Technology Debt are system and data security, unknown costs, and an increase in the amount of effort required to implement business changes.

About our business

Repertory is a small consultancy providing you independent assessment based on our collective experience in private sector and Government businesses. Our consultants have between them over seventy years of practical experience locally and internationally. We've worked in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, Transport, Utilities, Not-for-profit, and the IT software and services industry.

We are not vendor aligned, we're light on our feet, and we're able to sort out the good, bad, and ugly in a fast and effective manner.


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