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Case Studies

We maintain a high degree of privacy for our clients, particularly in matters of diligence and discovery. Accordingly we do not publicise the identity of our clients, only the nature of the engagement and outcomes. Please contact us for further details or requests for references.

Industry and Federal Government funded R&D organisation

We were engaged to review the Business System environment and gauge the viability and suitability of a new and partially completed core system built on a popular CRM system. Our initial review uncovered a large technical debt, some troubling infrastructure and business systems issues, plus identified key business operation elements that were impeding business integrity and transparency. The organisation did not have an understanding or visibility of the critical nature of the risks to which they were exposed.

We conducted a detailed review of the planning, design, and development efforts by the incumbent supplier and found it to be lacking in many ways and recommended that the project be discontinued.

Over the course of the engagement we identified tens of thousands of dollars in savings, and initiated rectification projects to reduce the operational risk to which the business was exposed.

Registered Training Organisation/Group Training Organisation

During a due diligence review of the business systems environment we discovered a history of system, security, and maintenance maladministration, poor procurement practices, and an aging infrastructure carrying high Technology Debt.

The state of the IT business systems meant they were not operating the business in an optimal manner and the organisation did not realise the degree of risk they were carrying, particularly with a then current payroll of over 600 people.

Over the course of the engagement we drove the upgrade of hardware, printers, network, security, and business systems. We recommended the implementation of a document management and workflow solution to reduce the high paper usage and business administration processes.

Community Services Organisation

We examined and based-lined a mission critical program of 26 active projects initiated to remedy the findings of a Royal Commission. We determined the then current status of each project, evaluated and uncovered any roadblocks, plus designed and maintained new executive and board dashboard reports to provide ongoing transparency of the program execution.

We also undertook a root cause analysis of a critical business and HR issue impacting a regional office operation.


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